6 thoughts on “Here are some documents to get you started on the TEP process.

  1. Having attempted to understand the DNAR and NHS TPE and RDR forms that I took at a patient’s request this morning, I find the whole process both longwinded and confusing.
    5. The patient has expressed a wish not to be ressuscitated when he dies. WHY on earth do you need the names of a multidiciplinary team? This is a decision made by the patient and confided to me as his GP. It does NOT require a committee to endorse it!
    6. Healthcare professional completing this DNAR; I am that person
    7.Review and endorsement by MOST SENIOR PROFESSIONAL. I am also that person. What is the purpose of this request (I have not signed the form twice)
    The patient himself expressed some surprise, as did I when he pointed it out to me, that there is nowhere on this form for him to sign. It is his life and death. Why not?

    • Thanks
      This is primarily a clinical document. A record of a conversation held with the patient that is then filed in the medical notes. As with other entries in notes, patients are not asked to sign them.

  2. I have printed off some of the new TEP form. Will we be sent a supply of these forms?

    also where can we order them from?


  3. Hi, I am a community children’s nurse for palliative care and currently use the wishes documents with my families, however i have been told by my manager that we should also now be using the TEP as it is a legal document. Could you please send me the link to download them.

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